Payment Terms

After a rental inquiry done over this website, you will receive an email with the availability and an offer and you will be able to complete the reservation paying 50 % of the total amount per bank transfer or Visa or Master Card. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will send you another email with the link to the payment site. Once the operation is done, you will receive a second email with the confirmation and the corresponding invoice.

The payment of the remaining 50 % will be done on Check-in, either cash or per credit card. The minimum age to make a reservation is 18 years.


The rates for the boats are VAT included except for second-hand boats where 21% VAT is not included in the purchase price.

Rental with or without skipper

Boats with lengths of up to 10 metres can be rented with or without skipper. From 10 metres upwards a skipper is mandatory. To rent a boat without skipper you will be asked at the Check-in to produce the necessary permit and to make a deposit of between 800 € and 3 000 € depending on the type of boat.

The minimum age to rent a boat without skipper is 18 years.

Rental Schedule

The rental schedule is from 10 am to 8 pm. For safety reasons it is not allowed to sail at night and you have to return to the harbour before nightfall.


Fuel is not included in the price. The boats will be handed over with a full tank and must be returned refuelled. If for any reason it is impossible to refuel the boat, an estimation of the consumption will be made.

Reimbursement Terms

- Because of the weather: In case that on the planned day the weather makes it impossible to sail, the date will be changed. If this were not possible, we will make a refund.

- Because of break-downs: In case of a break-down we will offer another boat, if the customer does not agree, we will make a refund.

Cancellation Terms

If the customer decides to cancel the reservation, this must be done at least two months (60 calendar days) prior to the planned rental date. In this case we will make a refund of 80 % of the total amount of the reservation, the remaining 20 % is for administrative costs. 

If the customer delays the cancellation more than the aforementioned time period, but communicates it at least one month (30 calendar days) before the planned trip, we will make a refund of 50 % of the total amount of the reservation.

If it cancellation is not done within the limit of a month (30 calendar days) before the planned trip, we will not issue any refund.