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Noticias | 10/08/2016

Boat trips for young people in Ibiza

Boat trips for young people in Ibiza

At Islamarcharter we believe that sailing is one of the best pleasures in life. Feeling the wind in your hair, relaxing in the sun, kicking back in a deserted cove... Enjoying the island’s crystal-clear and turquoise waters on a private boat sailing along your favourite coves and relaxing to the sway of the gentle waves of the Mediterranean sea was a luxury available to few... until now.

We want you to experience a marvellous day at sea and have the chance to meet fascinating people who share your interests, and who, like you, know how to sit back, unwind and enjoy a day of sailing around the islands. That’s why we’ve designed the Young Person’s List


You can sign up on your own, with a partner or friends, then experience a true day at sea, sailing around the Islands. Prices start at 60 euros. Share a unique and special day with the people you most enjoy being with, meet new friends, have new experiences, go on new adventures, go diving, enjoy yourself... You deserve to take pleasure in the divine delight of sailing around our sea. Because you are you and today is today. Do you need any other reason?

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