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Noticias | 24/09/2016

Discover Ibiza’s seabed

Discover Ibiza’s seabed

The best places around the island for snorkelling and diving.

The real "other" Ibiza, the enchanting Ibiza, the utopian and secret Ibiza isn’t revealed to the tourist on the street. To discover the most fascinating parts of the islands, you have to get your flippers on, really open your eyes and, above all, not be afraid to dive to the very bottom, in the most literal sense of the word. 

This island is only unveiled to those who dare to venture into impossible caves, to walk along those rocky seabeds, to swim over coral reefs or to scale long walls hanging over a submarine backdrop.

At Islamarcharter, we invite you to take a peep at our authentic island. Rent a boat, go snorkeling, diving or scuba diving.  

Small journeys to the depths of the sea that will change your notion of taking a break forever. You’ll want to immerse yourself deeper and deeper, and get nearer and nearer to discovering our seabed’s best kept secret. At temperatures ranging from 26ºc to 28ºc in August and 13ºc to 14ºc in February and with an average visibility of 25 metres, the island’s environmental conditions are ideal for experiencing the most incredible opportunities.

Today we recommend a tour around the most spectacular underwater spots. Discover the hustle and bustle brewing in the seabed: moray eels, grouper, gilt-head bream, octopus, salpa, tuna, conger eels, white sea bream, barracudas, and amberjacks that live along with vast amounts of gorgonia, sponges and nudibranchs.

Get your goggles, flippers and tube ready because our journey to bottom of the Ibiza’s ocean has begun! Some of these excursions do not require scuba diving equipment; others do. All the cliffs, caves, rocks and islets that mark the coast, generally close to each other, allow us to view sea life in all its splendour. In the midst of some of the clearest intense blue waters of the Mediterranean, we are surrounded by huge schools of fish.

And here are four places that scuba diving fans mustn’t miss out on!

Es Vedrà, 80 stunning metres of submerged rock, Es Vedrà is a huge wall whose drop is lined with intense red gorgonians. Spectacular and recommended diving.

Illes Margalides. You have to anchor the boat at the entrance of a tunnel and then descend about 8m deep. Discover its incredible sea life, fish and anemones of all the shapes and sizes, as well as great barracudas. 

Sa Conillera. Off the coast of Sant Antoni de Portmany.  Here we also find caves and high and hypnotic walls, as well as ancient and age-old sunken ruins. 

Illes Bledes 

Some 7 miles from the coast towards the west. In open water. With a bed of gorgonian from 30 or 35m deep. 

One of the greatest spectacles of the Mediterranean opens before your eyes.

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